100 Loom Tour

powerloomI have a goal of weaving on 100 looms that are over 100 years old in the next ten years in order to share the stories of the weavers, looms and their preservation efforts. I plan to begin my journey in my backyard, a 500 mile radius surrounding Bozeman, Montana.

As my experience story telling and my budget permits, I will be expanding my travel throughout the United States and ultimately globally as a weaving ambassador of peace. I expect to meet many weavers in faraway places who have something in common with me, the love of thread and the making of cloth.

The purpose of this journey is to connect the weaver, the loom, design drafts, and the cloth for a full context experience. Today all that is available are items that have been separated by time and ownership,  the loom, or the draft book, a signed textile and very rarely the actual weaver’s story.

The research that I complete on this tour will be made available to the public, my hope is to make is self sustaining, and you the collector can support my efforts by purchasing items from the collages that will come from my travels.

If you know of a loom that should be included in the 100 Loom tour please contact me: