My Leclerc Tapestry Loom Adventure

I had a great loom experience this week. I was asked by the children’s program director of my church to look at a loom she had rescued and to see if I could set it up for children to weave on during Sunday School. I walked into the room on Tuesday and discovered this treasure, a 45″ Leclerc Gobelin Tapestry loom. After careful examination I can see that it is missing a few parts, but could it still be used for weaving in its present condition?

Pin Loom or Knitting Needles…. that is the question.

All I wanted to make was a simple pair of baby socks for a grandbaby that is due in the next couple of months. I figure it would take just a couple of hours of work.

I began my project by casting on and learning how to do the knit and the purl stitch on the loom, I noticed a couple of issues for me right away.

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