Homeschool Instruction

Historic Weaving’s – Weave with me workshops are a STEAM curriculum designed for all age groups to explore the art, science and history of weaving in a fun, accessible way.

Participants learn using applied mathematics and problem solving skills in a interactive social setting while making beautiful textiles using multishaft hand looms.

Type of loom used by students to learn hand weaving.

Weaving is a STEAM versus STEM curriculum. Many people are aware of the art aspect of weaving, using fiber and colors to make beautiful and functional textiles, what you may not be aware of is that weaving requires also students to make use of a simple machine to weave. It is in the learning to setup and control this machine students will encounter many opportunities to apply scientific and mathematical principles to design their textiles.

Student project using color as the primary design element.

Weaving also requires students to develop problem solving skills, students will need to figure out how to advance the cloth, resolve weaving issues like broken threads, pattern inconsistencies and poor texture. Eventually, the shuttle runs out of thread and the student will need to learn how to wind and start weaving with a new bobbin. Students will be working on developing fine and gross motor skills to obtain an even beat in the textile.

Once the textile is woven, students will be taught how to best finish it to complete its transformation into usable cloth. Finishing techniques make use of water, heat and friction, to achieve the desired results. We work through establishing a theory of what will happen followed by completing an lab experiment with our sample to confirm our theory really works.

Students are proud of their accomplishments.

The design of textiles requires students to become aware of materials properties such as tensile strength, density, resistance to friction, amount of twist.  Students learn use formulas to determine the quantity of fibers required to make their selected projects. Once we move into using structures and pattern development, students will become aware of the mathematical nature of weaving structures.

A sampling of the weaving equipment available in the mobile weaving studio

Historic Weaving’s mobile weaving studio is a set of looms that are designed to help students get started weaving right away and progress through an extended course of study that is limited only by their imagination and the time available to complete the physical weaving.

Weaving is a slow process, it will require a number of sessions for your student to complete a project. I find that the first project will likely require three sessions to introduce the student to the loom, beginning weaving and complete the finishing of a simple scarf to wear. My policy is not to hurry the  weaving experience but to meet the student where they are. I am willing to spend considerable time answering the questions that are presented by the student so they have a thorough understanding of the why’s and hows. All of this information is paired with the opportunity to students to test it out for themselves on the loom.

Pricing :

Weave with me – Individual Instruction Adults and children over age of 10 – $32.50 per hour for instruction, A one-time fee of $25 for mobile studio equipment supervision and materials fee is charged when a new project is started.

An example: Course to make a scarf – $57.50 for first session, and $32.50 for each session until the project is completed.

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