• Irish Shamrock I -2016

    irish-shamrock-iI wanted a piece that would be green and have a Celtic feel. What better to convey this than a Shamrock?

    The background is filled with leaves.

    The design is a marriage of motifs, large leaves and the darker outer border of leaves.

    This piece took more than 10 hours to weave and I was very pleased with the design as it was forming on the loom. It looks like a fine lace from a distance.

    Interweave Store

    It was woven on a drawloom, threaded with 30/2 cotton with a sett of 48 ends per inch.

    There are only four of these images available for sale in the shop: Click here to purchase yours:http://historicweaving.com/wordpress/products-page/handwoven-art/irish-shamrock/




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