October 6-7th, 2018 – Weave with me comes to Ennis, Montana

Ennis Schedule:

October 6th – Sessions available – Bring your loom or I can come to you (in town – I’m traveling in the motorhome and staying in a local RV Park). Click for Rates

October 7th – 11am to 1PM – First Weaving Session – designed for new weavers. I will bring the tablelooms, and the materials. We will gather at the ARTISTS on MAIN gallery in Ennis, and weave for two hours together. You will take home an inspirational wall hanging to remind you of the first time you wove.  9/14 UPDATE: Only one more space available for this class.

I will be bringing the 200 Thread Challenges to this session:

This is a series of 4 warps, equally suitable for both new weavers and those with experience.

1. “50 Shades of Grey” Using only black and white warp and plain weave, can you create 50 different shades? What techniques will you use to control the outcome? New weavers may want to explore the impact of unexpected color in a black and white warp. At the end of the session you will have a lovely wall hanging to remind you of your weaving session.

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2. “What Moves You?” You are presented with a random color warp, how will you weave it? Are you most concerned about color, symmetry, structure or texture? You will be presented with a choice of weft yarns to complete your project. What you decide will help you to understand more about what is important in your weaving experience.

3. “The Inheritance” A warped loom arrives,  there are no drafts, and no one to help you, it is just you and the loom? Can you discover how to weave the correct pattern? Do you want to? This exercise will help experienced weavers  see how you will cope with the unknown. New weavers will be given hints to ensure success.

4. “Earn your Stripes” How will you create stripes on a single color warp? Will you use color or structure, or a combination of both. Do you like french linen, plaids or some other combination?


To join this session  – seating is limited to 4. Please fill out this form (Please mention Ennis and October 6th in the comment) :