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The Six Dollar Loom – Introduction to Weaving Project


Download a project plan for building a six dollar loom to use as a first weaving experience. The pdf file includes detailed instructions on how to construct an easily transportable loom for weaving small tapestry pieces and simple weaving structure samples. The loom can be built using parts you can find at the local hardware store.  There are no fancy tools involved, a drill, sandpaper, and a small handsaw or knife. You can be weaving in about an hour.

If you are planning on using this project for a class, these parts are available in bulk through McMaster-Carr.



Price: $2.00

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The Shuttle-Craft Book of American Hand-Weaving – Updated Photo Links

As a personal research project on weaving, I downloaded the original text to this book from a publicly accessible digital copy as a pdf file.

My pdf was taken from the first edition of the book, copyright 1928. Adobe Pdf Reader is required to use this file.

To this text I have added updated links for all of the images that I could find giving us access to color photographs.

I was able to find that many of these pieces are still in the hands of museums and have been digitized for public use.


The fee being collected for the file download is to help defray costs of research and hosting of the file.


Price: $2.00

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36 Inch Copper Navajo Style Loom – Plans

Plans for a Copper Navajo Style Loom
based on an Archie Brennan design
with modifications for portablility and
ease of use.

This loom is larger than Brennan models,
and includes two shaft bars for shedding.

The cam jams and paracord, increase the ability to adjust
tension as the weaver weaves.

This loom breaks down flat for storage with or without the warp on the loom.

Note: is a set of plans for a loom.

Price: $5.00

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21 Shaft Twill – Fair Isle Pattern – WIF File

Download Computer Software Draft for a 21 Shaft twill – based on the Fair Isle knitting profile draft. File is WIF and will work in most weaving software programs.

Price: $2.00

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