• Red Heart I – 2016

    Red Heart I for 2016A petite sweet gift that will fit anywhere and let that special someone know they are loved whenever they look at it.

    This is the first in a planned series of red heart images. Hearts are special to me, for love, and because they are part of my name.

    This piece took more than 4 hours to weave, it needed to be repeated a second time with a different weft thread combination to get it to weave squarely. The heathered look is caused by the fact that it was woven with four threads of different colors.

    It was woven on a drawloom, threaded with 30/2 cotton with a sett of 48 ends per inch.


    Click Here to Purchase:http://historicweaving.com/wordpress/products-page/handwoven-art/red-heart-i-2016/




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