The Plum Blossoms

Starting with a Snavely Pattern and ending with my rendition of Chinese Silk Painting on a handwoven coverlet. Like mixing metaphors I am using two of my passions, weaving and printing together. This slideshow chronicles the project from beginning to end. The Plum Blossoms were sent off to Hawaii to my best friend Li.

Double Bow Knot Coverlet

An old pattern in overshot weaving that has had many names over time: Muscadine Hills, Hickory Leaf, Blooming Leaf. The Double Bow Knot name comes from the leaf like square that forms the larger portion of the design. The dark square is called a table. Because there are two motifs used the pattern it may be most properly described as a Double Bow Knot and table design.

This design can be woven with only four shafts in an overshot structure. Overshot blocks can share shafts, which is what makes them so efficient. It is a structure that will require you to have planned your design carefully before you thread your loom. The threading typically is the most limiting design factor.