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Mournin’ Max – Draft Solutions Book

Purchase this book as a companion to the Mournin’ Max Weaver Challenge Card Deck.

This 36 page book contains the solutions to the drafting problems posed by the challenge for rows 1-23 of the overshot sampler.

The book contains a simple weaving glossary (using hyperlinks) for new weavers to help make it easy to look up the word definitions.

This is the book a weaver who does not have software should purchase to have access to the Mournin’ Max sampler row drafts. Everything a non-computerized weaver needs is present.

The draft solution book files come in both e-pub and PDF format. The PDF format can be taken to your local print shop so that you can obtain a bound hard copy for your personal use.


Price: $10.00

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American Handweaving Drafts .WIF files – Series I group B 8-13

WIF file for the drafts shown in The Shuttle-craft Book of American Hand Weaving by Mary Meigs Atwater

These drafts are taken from diagram 6 of the original text.  This file contains drafts 8 through 13.

Price: $3.50

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