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3 Heart Tree – 2016

Numbered/Limited edition drawloom weaving for Holiday Season 2016.  There are only 4 available for 2016.

This piece has been  handwoven on a mechanical drawloom from an original draft developed by the weaver Elizabeth Tritthart.

The frame is 5″x5″ and the weaving is 3″ x3″.  The structure is Opphamta.

Image can be  hung on a wall, placed on a desktop, or use the velcro dot to hang on a cubicle wall.

Shipping is via 2nd Day Priority Mail

About Handwovens:
Weaving by hand is a “slowmade” product. There are many hours that go into planning, warping and threading a loom before something is actually woven. Because weavers use high quality materials to make their handwovens pricing may differ from what you would expect in a local store or mall.  A handwoven item will often last 10-15 or more times than an item that has been mass produced. Purchasing handwoven goods helps to preserve the art of handweaving for future generations.

Image of drawloom that is used to weave three heart Tree

Image of the drawloom while the piece three heart tree is being woven

Image of the piece titled 3 Heart Tree being woven on the drawloom.

3 Heart Tree in the process of being woven on the drawloom






Price: $125.00

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