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Mournin’ Max – Draft Solutions Book

Purchase this book as a companion to the Mournin’ Max Weaver Challenge Card Deck.

This 36 page book contains the solutions to the drafting problems posed by the challenge for rows 1-23 of the overshot sampler.

The book contains a simple weaving glossary (using hyperlinks) for new weavers to help make it easy to look up the word definitions.

This is the book a weaver who does not have software should purchase to have access to the Mournin’ Max sampler row drafts. Everything a non-computerized weaver needs is present.

The draft solution book files come in both e-pub and PDF format. The PDF format can be taken to your local print shop so that you can obtain a bound hard copy for your personal use.


Price: $10.00

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Mournin Max – Celebrating 100 years of distance learning in weaving.

Learn about who Max is, and why I was inspired to weave the piece “Mournin’ Max”.

While this is a story about my weaving adventures, this e-publication contains valuable information about getting started designing overshot from analyzing a textile or a photograph.

This document is 22 pages in length and includes many color photographs and process notes for creating and weaving an overshot sampler based on Mary Meigs Atwater’s – Shuttle Craft Guild – Lesson 2   Honeysuckle Overshot.

Your purchase will gain you access to both the e-pub and the PDF file for download and reading.  The PDF can be taken to a local print shop and printed and bound if you prefer to have a printed copy.



Price: $5.00

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200 TC – My Inheritance

A 200 Thread Warp Challenge – My Inheritance

Download includes

PDF of Draft (does not require computer software to use)

.wif files of the draft

Article with pictures of the challenge and the story behind it.

Price: $5.00

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Double Bow Knot Shawl Project

Download a Project File for the Double Bow Knot Shawl Project. Zipped File package includes Profile draft .WIF , Full Draft in .WIF of shawl (includes borders and selvages), and a complete PDF of draft file for those that do not have weaving software.

Price: $2.00

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Full Draft for Double Bow Knot Coverlet — Non Computer

Download a copy of the full draft, threading, treadling, and tie-up for a four shaft loom for a Double Box Knot Coverlet. This draft does not require that you have weaving software.

Price: $2.00

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Full Draft .WIF file for the Double Bow Knot Coverlet

Download a .WIF file draft of the Double Bow Knot Coverlet. The draft will work on most weaving software packages. The pattern draft includes one full repeat of the pattern. Draft includes selvage in green, table design in red and main bow knot in black.

Price: $2.00

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