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Drafts are used to describe how to set up and weave a pattern. A weaving draft contains a tie-up (how to connect the shafts/harnesses to the treadles). The order of placing the threads into the heddles on the shafts, and the order in which the treadles are pressed in order to weave the desired pattern. These drafts are only a sampling of what is available. In many cases, by following the link you may be able to download a WIF format file of the draft (if you have computer weaving software you will be able to import this file and adjust it to fit your particular weaving loom and project design.)

2 Shaft Weaving Drafts –

4 Shaft Weaving Drafts –

8 Shaft Weaving Drafts –

16 Shaft Weaving Drafts – if your loom is more than 8 shafts but less than 17 look here

24 Shaft Weaving Drafts – 17 to 24 shaft looms

More Than 24 Shaft Weaving Drafts –

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