Update for February 2013

Cherries Block

I have been busy working on how to best assemble all of the information that I would like to share with you about the subject of weaving and its history, the people who have dedicated their lives to this artful craft, and information on how you can get involved with weaving.

I have chosen to make use of Pinterest for quick curation by topic, it gives me the opportunity to use many images and give appropriate credit to the authors pictures. I am pleased with Pinterest’s ability to easily sort and collate information.

I have been working on updating Weaving Bibliography information from published on Handweaving.net net and linking it to updated information on how and where to obtain access to these reference materials. Furthermore I am working on how to connecting these resources to the work that weavers have made using them as their starting point for design. (Pinterest will be helpful here as well – registered users of this site will be able to connect pins from their work to the resource they used for inspiration). Users will then develop a better appreciation for the manner in which reference materials are used and the diversity of the work that can be produced from a single document.

I am also presenting a handweaving for sale section of this site, it is my interest to provide a place for handweavers to feature and sell their wares. I will not be selling it for you, but providing Pinterest links for people to be purchasing directly from you. What I would like to be able to show people is a wide collection of work available from weavers all around the world.

I am excited about the possibilities and the opportunities, while I am working on the project and getting my weaving house in order, feel free to browse around and provide feedback on things that interest you.