Homeschool Instruction

“Weave with me” workshops are a STEAM curriculum designed for exploring the art, science and history of weaving in a fun accessible way. The one day workshop incorporates lecture, discussion, demonstrations, and hands-on studio assignments to make weaving principles accessible to all types of learners. Participants will be working collaboratively on projects throughout the workshop. “The Let’s Get Started” weaving workshop presents the fundamentals of hand weaving. Our primary objective is to become familiar with a multi-shaft table loom and how it operations. Participants will learn basic weaves and how to use them to create visual interest in a textile. Participants will hear stories about famous weavers and the history of weaving while making a project to take home. No weaving experience is required.


About the “Weave with me” program:


  1. Students do not need to own a loom. The “Weave with me” program brings looms and the supplies needed for weaving to you. There is a $25 per student access fee charged for this service.
  2. The 8 shaft table looms used in the mobile studio are of modern construction, allowing for the teaching of weaving techniques using looms that are safe and easy to use.
  3. Workshops are held from 9am – 4pm, timing can be adjusted to fit your student’s schedule. Weekend workshops are available.
  4. At the end of the workshop the students will go home with a completed project.
  5. Facility required for the workshop, 10 x 15 workspace with two 8 foot long tables and chairs for the students, electricity for a projector, and a wall on which to display a slide show. 

Ages for students: 10+



$30 per student for instruction, and $25 for studio access fee – Total cost for the workshop is $55.

Total cost for a group of 4 students  – $220.

Minimum and Maximum workshop size: – 4 students.  Each student will have access to a loom for the entire time of the workshop.


If the location chosen for the workshop  requires a room rental fee to be paid, the fee will be divided equally among the students attending.


Cancellation policy:

Due to the upfront costs associated with preparing equipment and materials for this workshop in advance of the date of the workshop, refunds are not possible.

If you interested in adding hand weaving to your child’s home school curriculum, please fill out the form below.