What is “Weave with me”?

Weave with me is a STEAM curriculum designed to explore the art, science and history of weaving in a fun, accessible way, demonstrating applied mathematics principles and problem solving skills on multishaft table looms. In addition to presenting weaving fundamentals such as setting up and using a loom, these workshops focus on textile design tools of texture, color, fiber and pattern structures.

No weaving equipment/looms at your site?  No problem. The Historic Weaving mobile studio arrives at your site with all equipment and materials needed to complete the curriculum selected. The mobile weaving studio is equipped with Ashford table looms that are both portable and accessible to students regardless of age and physical ability.  All that is required to host a workshop is a open room, with 4 large tables (two looms per table), seating, an electrical outlet for a projector and an open wall to use for a screen.

Workshops are taught by the well-known artist, drawloom weaver, and computer scientist Elizabeth Tritthart who has been weaving since 1991, and has been an engineer in the field of software development for 40 years.

Available Workshops

Weave with me – “Let’s get started”,  presents the fundamentals of weaving, hear about famous weavers and the history of weaving, and make a scarf, table runner or wall hanging to take away from the workshop.

Weave with me – “Texture”, introduces students to the design element of texture, using the sense of touch to make design choices. Students will experiment with yarns and basic weaves while designing a scarf, table runner or wall hanging.

Weave with me – “Color”, is a color theory workshop where students will learn about colors and how they impact textile design decisions. Students will be developing a color palette to make a scarf, table runner or wall hanging.

Weave with me -“Fiber”, is a materials workshop in which students will handle and learn about different fibers used in weaving from the perspective of material properties, suitability for purpose, tensile strength,  and care requirements. Students will be selecting and using various fibers to design a scarf, table runner or wall hanging.

Weave with me – “Structure/Pattern” will introduce students to the applied mathematics of weaving textile design, drafting fundamentals and block theory for various weave structures. Students will use these principles to design and weave a scarf, table runner or wall hanging.

Weave with me – “200 Thread Challenge”, looms will be threaded for four mystery projects, students will discover them, their design possibilities, and complete their chosen projects in a round robin format.

The workshop descriptions above are general summaries of the content available, to see more detailed information about hosting Historic Weaving mobile weaving studio workshops at your site, please visit our Workshop Proposal Page.

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