Start with a picture, a profile, color swatches or texture inspiration, add structures, materials and sett the end result is a textile that you will love and use for a long time.

Every type of weaving has as its principal constraint the loom which determines the size of the textile. The good news: you don’t need a big complex loom to weave beautiful textiles. The are many ways to get the most out of any loom for the textiles of your dreams. That is what is meant by technique, adapting what you have to achieve your desired result.

Inspiration! Where do we get it and what do we do with it?

Profiles, mix and match, little or big?

Colors, blending or solids?

Texture, how should this textile feel, what is its purpose?

What are the possible structures?

What choices of materials do I have?

Fine tuning the design.

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