Can I weave this with the current threading on my loom?

Unknown Draft 1

The Weaver’s Question:

“So I am wondering if I can use my straight threading 1-8 using this lift pattern ?
Also what is the difference between 1 and 2? (I don’t have treadles). ”


The Answer: Yes, but you will have to know how to modify the draft in order to do so.

Download and read the following PDF (FREE) to learn how to extend a draft from 4 shafts to 8 and not change your threading.

The PDF file is a lesson in drafting weaving projects. The lesson can be completed by hand with pencil and paper if the PDF is printed. Or the weaver can use their weaving software to find the answer electronically.

Click here to download: Extending a weaving draft from 4 – 8 Shafts


Vision Board for Angstadt 164

Today was a fun sick day. I woke up not feeling well (cough,cough) and knew that going out was not going to happen. My next stop was the computer where I decided to play with the design that I shared with you last week.

My goal, to turn the draft into a welsh tapestry design. I think I did pretty well. My best news of the day, it is possible for you to order this design as a throw in a few weeks. I have made contact with a company that allows me to create a design and they will weave it on their Jacquard loom. I am in wonderment!

It has taken me a couple of tries to get the hang of how to set up the files so their system will run them.  I can’t wait to order my first samples and see how they turn out.

The website is WOVNS.  Brand new — only six months old.

I completed a whole vision board today. You might want to take a look — it is a pdf file. Vision Board – Angstadt 164 Should you be interested in these designs for some of your projects please let me know by email.