Available Presentations for Groups –

Mary Meigs Atwater, A Montana Legend

A context rich picture of Montana and Mary’s exploits in the early 1900’s. The story of how she helped to tame the Wild West, and preserved Handweaving for generations to come.

Weaving is Computing

There have been many suggestions of how weaving and computing are tied together. Get the real scoop with this presentation. Learn where the binary terms 1 and 0 originated and see the original processor and is storage unit.

The Impact of the Gutenberg Press on Weaving

What was the first weaving book printed? Who was it written for? Where did the book travel to and how was it used after it got there? Who was influenced by it?

Luther Hooper and His Drawloom

Disturbed by the number of drawlooms that were being destroyed in favor of the Jacquard Loom, Luther set out to preserve knowledge of the drawloom before it was gone. He found a way to document the constructions of the loom for a home weaver, and provided a series of lessons on learning to design with  it. Learn about his life and times, and the weavers who followed in his footsteps.

Weavers of the Early 1900’s

The Progressive Era, was a formative time for weavers in the United States. Learn who these weavers were and how they contributed to advances in modern hand weaving technology. See how they faced discrimination in education, war, and economic adversity to open doors for others.


All presentations are 30 -45 minutes including time for questions and answers. Presentations can be combined with a hands on weaving experience suitable for novice weavers to fill out an hour time block.

For more advanced weavers, it is possible to create companion guild projects that directly tie into the presentation with an opportunity to weave designed that relate to the topic presented.

Getting started arranging your group’s presentation is as simple as placing a phone call to 406-640-1651, so that you can fill us in on your event’s specific needs and goals. Event planning and approval will be easy when you use our proposal providing a number of program options and pricing that meets your budget requirements.

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