Some of the moments in history that I am studying:

Mary Meigs Atwater, A Montana Legend

A context rich picture of Montana and Mary’s exploits in the early 1900’s. The story of how she helped to tame the Wild West, and preserved Handweaving for generations to come.

Weaving is Computing

There have been many suggestions of how weaving and computing are tied together. Get the real scoop with this presentation. Learn where the binary terms 1 and 0 originated and see the original processor and is storage unit.

The Impact of the Gutenberg Press on Weaving

What was the first weaving book printed? Who was it written for? Where did the book travel to and how was it used after it got there? Who was influenced by it?

Luther Hooper and His Drawloom

Disturbed by the number of drawlooms that were being destroyed in favor of the Jacquard Loom, Luther set out to preserve knowledge of the drawloom before it was gone. He found a way to document the constructions of the loom for a home weaver, and provided a series of lessons on learning to design with  it. Learn about his life and times, and the weavers who followed in his footsteps.

Weavers of the Early 1900’s

The Progressive Era, was a formative time for weavers in the United States. Learn who these weavers were and how they contributed to advances in modern hand weaving technology. See how they faced discrimination in education, war, and economic adversity to open doors for others.


Journey through time with Historic Weaving on the 100 Loom Tour

I have a goal of weaving on 100 looms that are over 100 years old in the next ten years in order to share the stories of the weavers, looms and their preservation efforts. I plan to begin my journey in my backyard, a 500 mile radius surrounding Bozeman, Montana.

As my experience story telling and my budget permits, I will be expanding my travel throughout the United States and ultimately globally as a weaving ambassador of peace. I expect to meet many weavers in faraway places who have something in common with me, the love of thread and the making of cloth.

The purpose of this journey is to connect the weaver, the loom, design drafts, and the cloth for a full context experience. Today all that is available are items that have been separated by time and ownership,  the loom, or the draft book, a signed textile and very rarely the actual weaver’s story.

The research that I complete on this tour will be made available to the public, my hope is to make is self sustaining, and you the collector can support my efforts by purchasing items from the handweaving collection that will come from my travels.


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Weaving has a long history, almost traceable to the beginning of time. On this page I would like to share with you information about weaving history that I have uncovered recently. You may find videos, pictures, stories and more here. Needless to say I am not an academic my nature I am mostly interested in weaving history as it relates to people and their local culture. As a result you may find spicy stories, and fanciful weaving tales as well factual history presentations. My intent is strictly to entertain and inspire you to start or keep on weaving and to feel a connection to all of the weavers that have come before.

Weaving History:

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