American and European Handweaving Revised

Author / Editor: Allen, Helen Louise    Publishing Location:   Publication Date: 1970

Publisher: College Printing and Publishing  Pages: 94

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“Originally intended as a compilation of lecture notes but expanded to include comprehensive weaving information. Plain weaves and variations, pattern weaves such as overshot and Bronson lace, tapestry, and American Indian are among the types of weaves considered. Reading written  drafts(including profile drafts), planning borders, designing original patterns, and reading drafts from woven material are discussed. There is brief information on multi-shaft weaving; an appendix covers looms and their manipulation, threading, and the weaving process.Illustrative line drawing, photographs, drafts, and draw-downs are found throughout the text.”  –Handweaving : An Annotated Bibliography by Isabel Bushmann

Helen Louise Allen was an assistant professor of related art at the university of wisconsin. This monograph first published in 1939 was reprinted in a limited edition in July 1970 in memory of Helen Louise Allen and her outstanding contributions in the field of handweaving.

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