Contemporary Approach to Traditional Weaves: Overshot and Summer and Winter

Author / Editor: Zielinski, Stanislaw    Publishing Location:   Publication Date: 1980

Publisher: Nilus LeClerc  Pages: 119

Periodical Title:   Volume: 7-8   Issue:

Description of Contents:

The Master Weaver Library is a complete encyclopedia containing 22 volumes with extensive information on techniques and fibers relating the hand weaving. It is written in an easy manner to understand. Volume 7, Contemporary Approach to Traditional Weaves: Overshot and Summer & Winter, includes a section on Overshot including overshot, modern overshot, overshot drafts on 8 frames, overshot on opposites, swivel effect on overshot drafts, six block overshot on four shafts, patterns in 6-block overshot, multishaft overshot, overshot with floats of six, 6-shaft overshot, multishaft overshot on opposites, 12-block crackle and overshot, code in overshot and quizz in overshot and a section on Summer & Winter including summer & winter, modern summer & winter, summer & winter with tabby ground, colours in summer & winter and production drafts. 123 pp.

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