Foot-power Loom Weaving

Author / Editor: Worst, Edward F. 1874- (Edward Francis)    Publishing Location:   Publication Date: 1918 / 1920 /1924 / 1952 / ? 1900 1983 / 1940

Publisher: Milwaukee: Bruce Pub. Co  Pages: 211

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The suggestions offered in this manual are for those that believe that the more advanced weaving should be pursued as a most wholesome occupation and that it should again, in the near future, find a place not only in the school but also in the home. Few line of occupation furnish more excellent opportunity for color combination and design than does the craft of weaving.

The Loom, Warping and Threading, Plain Weaving, Colonial Patterns, overshot, analysis of woven patterns, linen weaves, Danish and Norwegian Weaving, Swedish Weaving, Damask Weave, Double Weave, Textiles and Wood, Design and Construction of Looms, Dyes and Dyeing, reading a pattern draft

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