Next steps in weaving: what you never knew you needed to know

Author / Editor: Pattie Graver    Publishing Location:   Publication Date: 2015

Publisher: Interweave  Pages: 183

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There is a lot to learn about weaving! As a new weaver, you might wonder what the next steps are to grow your skills. Next Steps in Weaving has the answers you’re looking for.

In this beautiful book by Pattie Graver, former Managing Editor of Handwoven magazine, you’ll be explore a variety of weave structures and concepts in depth and detail including twill, color-and-weave, overshot, summer and winter, and lace.

This is not just a book of weaving patterns. Each topic is explained and supplemented with instructions for weaving a sampler and a project in order to solidify the concepts and enable you to design your own projects. In addition, the book offers troubleshooting tips in order to expand your weaving expertise.

Whether you’re new to weaving, have the basics down, or are looking to improve your foundation skills, this book will be an asset to your weaving library. So what are you waiting for? Take the Next Steps in Weaving!



Chapter 1 – Learning with Twill

Chapter 2 – Learning with Color-and-Weave

Chapter 3 – Learning with Overshot

Chapter 4 – Learning with Summer and Winter

Chapter 5 – Learning with Lace

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