Spin to Weave - the weaver's guide to making yarn

Author / Editor: Sara Lamb    Publishing Location:   Publication Date: 2013

Publisher: Interweave Press  Pages: 143

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Description of Contents:

For spinners and weavers alike! Get in-depth information on fiber properties and color choices, as well as beautifully photographed samples.

Spin to Weave is not simply a how-to-spin book, but a how-to-spin-exactly-what-you-want book. Weavers who spin their own yarns have the ability to choose fiber type, method of twist insertion (woolen, worsted), twist amount and/or direction, finishing methods, and grist.

Author Sara Lamb focuses on the process of spinning for specific results, providing detailed instructions, a sampling of projects, variations, and a gallery of pieces by other spinners.

Sara takes the reader to the very source of woven fabric–introducing the thought processes and concepts related to choosing fibers and how to spin them with finished fabric in mind.


Introduction —
Fiber, Twist, Color and Grist —
Equipment —
Color —
Weft Choices —
Fabric Finishing —
Samples —
Twist Direction —
Yarn Finishing —
Differential Shrinkage —
Sett —
Warp and Weft Calculations —
Projects —
Top or Roving —
Project: Woven Fabric from Pin-Drafted Roving —
Project: Woven Fabric from Dyed Top —
Shetland Singles —
Project: Shetland Vest —
Alpaca —
Project: Alpaca Scarf —
Project: Natural-Colored Alpaca Shawl —
Project: Dyed Alpaca Silk Shawl —
Blue Face Leicester and Silk —
Project: Tibetan Jacket —
Pygora —
Project: Hooded Scarf —
Tussah Silk —
Project: Color Blend Scarf —
Project : Kimono —
Bombyx Silk —
Project: Scarf —
Project: Silk Shawl —
Knotted Pile, Band Weaving —
Project: Knotted Pile Bag —
Tips and Conclusions —
Glossary of Terms —
Yarn Blocker Pattern and Cut List —
Weaving Record Sheet —
Kimono and Tibetan Jacket Sewing Patterns —
Fiber Sources —
Bibliography —

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