The Book of Handwoven Coverlets

Author / Editor: Hall, Eliza Calvert    Publishing Location:   Publication Date: 1912 / 1988

Publisher: Boston: Little, Brown / New York: Dover  Pages: 279

Periodical Title:   Volume:   Issue:

Description of Contents:

This book records for posterity more than 50 distinctive coverlet designs. The author discusses the more interesting stories behind some of the coverlet designs.

Overshot, Double Weave, Jacquard,Mellinger, Lee’s Surrender, McElroy, Rose in the Wilderness, Sally Rodes, Seven Stars, Pine Bloom, Youth and Beauty, Tennessee Trouble, Danville, Mary Simmons, Mountain, Betty Teague, Old Ireland, Nine Diamonds, The Downfall of Paris, Hickory Leaf, Double Bow Tie, Mount Vernon, Sunrise, King’s Flower, Cat track, Catalpa Flower, Dog Tracks, Double Chariot Wheels, Church Windows, Missouri Trouble, The Blazing Star, The Whig Rose, Ladies Delight, Double Muscadine Hulls, Single Chariot Wheel, The Cross, Monroe County, Old Drafts from Kentucky, Forty-Nine Snowballs, Betty Dean, Thistles and Lilies, Irish Chain, Lover’s Knot, Masonic Emblems, Boston Town, Birds of Paradise, John Gerard, Anne Hay, Lion and Eagle, The Double Roses, Chanticleer, Bird of Paradise, Ida P Rogers, E Pluribus Unim, Freedom’s Home, Declaration of Independence, Liberty, La France, Frenchman’s Fancy, Lover’s Knot, Flora Woodbury, Martha Shepard, Deborah Parker, Governor’s garden, Waity Staples, Anthony Wayne

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