The Shuttle-Craft Book of American Hand-Weaving

Author / Editor: Atwater, Mary Meigs    Publishing Location:   Publication Date: 1986

Publisher: HTH Publishers  Pages: 341

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Description of Contents:

From an initial chapter on the origin and development of weaving – how and in what form it came into the united States, how it declined as an American Art, and its current revival – she proceeds to teach the actual elements of handweaving: equipment and materials, design and fabric, warp-setting, color and pattern, setting up the loom, adjustments, knots, plain and twill weaves, the four-harness overshot weave. She outlines weaves for summer and winter, the “spot” or “Bronson” weave, double weaving, leno, rug-making, pick-up weaving, and various finishes. Native weaves introduced from Peru, Mexico, Guatemala, and the American Southwest are also included.

Weaving history, Beginner’s problems, Design of the Fabric, Choice of Pattern and Color, Warping, Sleying, Tying-In, Adjustments, Weaving Knots, Weaving, Loose Ends, Tabby, Warp-Faced Rep in Plain Weave, Weft-Faced Rep, Fifty-Fifty Weave, The Twill Weave, Three Harness Twills, Four Harness Twills, “Corkscrew” and Eight-Harness Twills, Return Twills, Modified Twills, Overshot Weave, Arranging a Pattern for the Loom – Borders, Treadling, Notes on Overshot Drafts, Counterpanes, Linen Weave, Crackle Weave, Summer-and-Winter Weave,Spot Bronson, Double Faced Twill, Damask, Double Weave, Leno, Rug-making, Pattern Weave for Rugs, Special Weave for Rug-making,

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