2019 Historic Weaving Christmas Tree Draft



Weave your own version of my 2019 Christmas Tree using either a drawloom or pickup techniques.  This draft file has been designed for a loom that can weave 41 blocks threaded in a point. ^  The structure for weaving the original project was Opphamta.  My drawloom is set up in a combination Damask and Opphamta tie-up. I wove the original using 30/2 silk threads for the warp and the weft.   If you are weaving with a Jacquard loom or a 40 shaft loom, it is assumed you will create a suitable background structure for your tree to prevent long floats. In the pattern area the floats will be 6 blocks or less making it suitable to be woven as a twill. To convert to a 40 shaft design you would eliminate the center block (block 41). The file you will download is a *.zip file, open it and you will find a *.wif file inside.

This design can be adapted to smaller looms by eliminating the rows at the bottom of the tree until you have enough shafts to weave the design on your loom.


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