Radiating Patterns for Historic Overshot



Drafts for 4 shaft overshot weaving.

A project that most weavers have on their lifetime bucket list to weave is the pattern called Lee’s Surrender. Did you know there are a number of patterns that are related to this legendary Overshot motif? Purchasing this package will deliver 60+ draft files in PDF  and .WIF formats, as well as an eBook explaining how the Radiating Overshot motifs Sunrise, Blooming Leaf, Bow Knot and Double Bow Knot are related and how you can customize your own profile drafts to create entirely new patterns. The draft package contains full drafts for historic coverlets, “woven as drawn in drafts”, and profile drafts for more than 20 designs. See historic coverlets come to life in an accessible format for contemporary weavers. The drafts are provided in computer format (.WIF) files which are compatible to most weaving software regardless of platform (OSX, Windows or MAC). And PDF files can be printed out, or viewed on a tablet or computer screen without the need for weaving software. To make it easier to access the files a Radiating Pattern Draft File Catalogue is included with screenshots of the draft files matched to the file names.

In compiling this collection of patterns and the instructions on how to make the drafts, I completed extensive research using historical weaving books, and information available from museums digital collections. There were a number of items that needed to be drafted from photographs. I have shared the sources of my research and the files that I generated along the way.

It is my intention that the reader of this material will not only be equipped to weave the Lee’s Surrender pattern but will also be able to create a unique design of their own using the information they have learned about working with profile drafts.

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