Weaving a Ribbon Heart



History shows that complex images can be woven on simple looms.


Follow the Historic Weaver on her journey through time to create  striking heart image on a table loom that rivals any produced on a drawloom.

  • Discover early pattern books for needlework that contain weaving drafts
  • Learn how to set up a table loom for complex block unit weaving
  • Explore techniques for successfully positioning an image in the warp
  • Combine loom control structures techniques and pick up block weaving

The Weaving a Ribbon Heart project can be woven by a experienced weaver using a simple loom, or a drawloom that has 20 or more draw shafts.

There is no fancy equipment to buy, this project made use of knitting needles, and E-Z Bob embroidery floss holders.

There are step by step instructions with detailed pictures to guide you through the techniques used in the project.

Full project instructions are in a PDF document and there are two files, a PDF document with printable copies of the Draft Pages found in the Excel Spreadsheet for those that prefer not to use a computer or Microsoft Excel.

The Excel spreadsheet file contains  tabs for Pattern Drafts for 11 patterns including a vine,  a Heart Shape Position Guide, a template sheet for customizing your own pick up draft. The pattern drafts can be woven for other projects not just the heart, they will make great border patterns for other handwoven projects as well.

You are able to make changes to the spreadsheet to fit your particular project needs.

Here are a few screen shots  to help you envision what you are purchasing when you download this product.

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